Deck Staining, Gutter Cleaning


Are years of dirt taking over your home's exterior? Does your deck look drab and dreary? Are you gutters bursting at the seams?

At FMG Painting LLC, we're prepared to take on the challenge. Each of these upgrades will help to renew your home's exterior, while at the same time protect the existing infrastructure.




Pressure Washer Cleaning Time. Men Cleaning Outside House Stairs with Power High Pressured Cleaner. Ceramic Stairs and Home Entrance. Closeup Photo.


Blast away those years of dirt with our professional powerwashing services. Before you run out and sign up for new siding, simply let our team tackle that tough grime with top-of-the-line equipment. In the case that you are looking to paint your home's exterior, powerwashing is also a recommended first step. Here we can not only prepare your home for a smooth coat of exterior paint, but we can also remove any potentially-harmful substances such as black mold. Like a whole new home!

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Love the idea of an upgraded exterior? A new layer of deck stain is a great place to start. Here we can help you select the right shade and opacity to complement your home's existing exterior style. Additionally we use the industry leading Cabot Stain to not only maximize the beauty of your deck, but also to protect it from the elements - including water, sun, and extreme temperatures. Deck stain can also be applied to not only the deck itself but also railings, steps, or even siding and outdoor furniture.

Rain Gutter Cleaning from leaves in autumn with hand. Roof gutter cleaning Gutter Cleaning.


Hate spending that beautiful spring day cleaning the gutters? Are you or a loved one facing limited mobility? Simply let the experienced team at FMG take care of your all your gutter cleaning requirements. We offer hand gutter cleaning services, for careful removal of all leaves, sticks, and other debris that may have found its way into your gutters. As the channel for your home to redirect heavy rains and precipitation, your gutters play an integral role in the home's infrastructure. Let us help you keep it 100% healthy today!


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